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The Best Firewood and Fuels for a Summer Barbecue

Despite the unpredictable and often disappointing weather during the summer months, year after year, homeowners throughout the UK fire up the barbecue to feed family and friends. At LJN Firewood, we believe that using hardwood logs and seasoned logs for cooking with wood-fired pizza ovens and chimineas offer a much tastier experience than gas or electric appliances. Barbecues are certainly no different.

While lump charcoal and briquettes tend to be the most popular options with which to fuel barbecues in the Dorking area, most people tend to overlook using kiln-dried logs.

Even though gas barbecues have their advantages, this page details why our firewood and log sales company believes that charcoal and conventional logs result in a better barbecue. Get in touch today to find out more about our products and our process.

Lump Charcoal

Just as with hardwood logs, seasoned logs and kiln-dried logs, lump charcoal does not contain any additives, which makes it a completely natural source of fuel. Slowly burning pieces of wood in an oxygen-free environment removes their natural chemicals, moisture and sap, resulting in clean charcoal, which infuses food with a pure smoky flavour when burned.

Although some bags of charcoal can include irregular lumps, buying from a quality supplier in the Dorking area will ensure a reliable, easy to light fuel that allows for smooth temperature adjustments.

One of the advantages of lump charcoal is that it produces a high level of heat when burned, which helps to sear meat and seal in all the juices for that unmistakable barbecue flavour.

Charcoal Briquettes

While the production process is almost identical to that of lump charcoal, making briquettes involves burning sawdust and other leftover wood waste materials instead of blocks of wood. Furthermore, unlike lump charcoal, seasoned logs, kiln-dried logs and hardwood logs, they are not 100% natural, as it is necessary to introduce additives in order to bind the materials together into tidy blocks.

Charcoal briquettes often burn for up to 5 times as long as lump charcoal, although this is mainly because they do not burn quite as hot. 

Their ability to burn for longer than regular charcoal means that briquettes work out slightly more expensive, but provide a nice, steady temperature for barbecues. However, briquettes create much more ash residue than lump charcoal and are often more troublesome to light. 

At LJN Firewood, we don’t just specialise in log sales. If you are planning to host a barbecue at your home in Dorking, we supply a range of: 

  • High-Quality Kindling

  • Hardwood Logs

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Kiln-Dried Logs

Although not as popular as charcoal or gas, using kiln-dried logs as firewood for a barbecue in Dorking is a great alternative. Their low moisture content means that they light quickly and produce an even temperature that is easy to maintain. They are also more energy efficient than hardwood logs and charcoal, as they result in a more powerful fire that lasts longer, while using less fuel.

Kiln-dried logs give off much more heat than seasoned logs and, unlike charcoal fuels, they burn without smoke. Thanks to their natural aroma, however, they can still add a unique flavour to food during the cooking process.

If you need to replace your current gas barbecue, why not consider swapping to a more rustic alternative, and give kiln-dried logs a try. We promise you won’t be disappointed. 

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