Kiln-Dried Logs in Cobham | The Best Types of Hardwood Logs for a Campfire

When people think of open fires, we think of warmth, cooking food and survival in the wild. If you are planning to go camping out in nature somewhere around Surrey, West Sussex or further afield, a campfire will provide all of those benefits and more. It is therefore not only important to know exactly how to build a campfire, but also to know which types of wood make the best firewood to keep it burning throughout the night.


At LJN Firewood, we specialise in all types of firewood, including hardwood logs, seasoned logs and kiln-dried logs, so you can trust our log sales experts when we recommend the best types of wood to use as fuel for your campfire in Cobham or the surrounding areas.


On this page we have provided a list of the best types of firewood that produce the right amount of heat, last for a decent amount of time, and don’t give off too much smoke or sparks when burning.


  • Ash – This is a tough wood which is also relatively easy to split if you use the right technique. Whether using kiln-dried logs or regular Ash hardwood logs, this is a popular choice among those camping around Cobham, as it burns extremely hot and will therefore keep you warmer on cold nights outdoors. It offers a steady flame and burns well when green but burns even better if you use seasoned logs.
  • Beech – Provided you use logs that have undergone at least a full year of seasoning, Beech firewood burns at a high temperature for an impressive duration, which makes it a great choice for overnight camping in cold conditions.
  • Birch – The quality of your campfire will vary depending on the species of wood you burn. Birch hardwood logs provide a decent amount of heat with minimal sparks and smoke. Both unseasoned and seasoned logs burn with a pleasant scent. You can use rolled up pitch from the tree bark as a firelighter or, if you live in Cobham, simply come to our yard in Ewhurst to buy firelighters and kindling from our log sales experts.
  • Cherry – Hardwood logs made from Cherry trees are easy to split, give off a small amount of smoke and sparks when burned, but deliver a good heat output. This is a slow-burning firewood which gives off a nice aroma. Use seasoned logs or kiln-dried logs for the best results.
  • Oak – At our firewood and log sales company, we recommend using Oak hardwood logs or kiln-dried logs for fireplaces, wood-burning stoves and even campfires around Cobham. Dry, seasoned logs produce an excellent amount of heat with a slow and steady burn you can rely on, without the acrid smoke that unseasoned logs can give off.
  • Pine – As a softwood, Pine is more likely to split than your average hardwood logs. However, unlike some seasoned logs, Pine is easy to light, which makes it an excellent fire starter. While it may not produce the greatest amount of heat or last the longest, consider coupling Pine kindling with Oak kiln-dried logs for a reliable and quick lighting campfire.


Please navigate this website for our log sales, delivery options and price list, to purchase kiln-dried logs, hardwood logs, seasoned logs, kindling and firelighters for your campfire in the Cobham area.

Call 07734 703 854 or 01483 267 739 for firewood and log sales for campfires. We supply seasoned logs, hardwood logs and kiln-dried logs to customers in the Cobham area.

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